These are some of Mr_Appy’s favorite gems from sites like YouTube. They all exude a certain uniqueness and flava that words cannot capture. Mr Appy recommends you sit back and enjoy them all too.

The only way this streaker could have failed any more majorly, is if he had a woody. Consider that after you’ve watched it. This is a good laugh on the first view and just gets funnier the more you watch it and the more people you watch it with.

What’s Charlie Sheen cooking that’s so ‘Winning’? Must be tiger meat. That’s a sure-fire way to get tiger blood in ya. Should definitely cut back on the ground fossil-bone tea though, Charlie. That’s not very rockstar… unless it’s t-rex, of course.

The Soviet Navy hat says it all. Pure. Frickin’. Awesomeness. Turn the music way up for this one.

Take one bully. Add one much larger victim. Punch the victim over the edge. See the results for yourself. Five gold stars. And a smiley face:)