The lol library of Mr_Appy picture eBooks

Mr_Appy’s picture eBooks are loaded with LOL iHumor for iPhone, iPad and other app technology users. They’re all set within the wonderful world of Appland.
The residents of Appland don’t take things too seriously. And that’s exactly what makes Mr_Appy iHumor such a laugh_lover’s treat.
WhereTF is Appland? Appland is a place where pop_culture mashes with iGeek culture… which in turn body_slams modern_day conspiracy theories right into drunken political satire… causing gravity to shift and everything to fall butt_about_face on top of… the truth… before squeezing out a nasty wee puff of methane, of course. Capiche?
Thumbnail image for Mr_Appy featuring in: Unclassified information

Mr_Appy used to work for the president… but now he’s leaving skid-marks all over his reputation.

Thumbnail image for Mr Appy’s trip to the Pac_lamic State

An explosively funny parody of smartphones, Pac-man, and Muslim extremists.

Thumbnail image for Mr_Appy featuring in: Taking the Jackpot

Mr_Appy creates an app that delivers a JACKPOT WIN to members of an online pokies site.

Thumbnail image for Mr_Appy featuring in: Appy Get Lucky

Mr_Appy creates loads of hilarious apps, but soon lusts for something more ‘real’…