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Funny pictures featuring mobile technology humor

Thumbnail image for Phone into work sick

Use some technology humor next time you phone into work sick.

Thumbnail image for Contacts list wins

Contacts list wins! – Mobile technology humor: featuring Mr-Appy

Thumbnail image for iPhone apps as hopscotch game (guerrilla street art)

Are mobile game apps replacing traditional, real world games (like hopscotch)?

Thumbnail image for Rubbish bin as an Android robot (guerilla street art)

Are Android devices being overloaded with worthless, rubbishy, ‘throw away’ apps?

Thumbnail image for Disabled Android robot  (guerrilla street art)

Do we treat people differently based on their brand of mobile device?

Thumbnail image for Android going down? (guerrilla street art)

Is Android’s reputation half up … or half down?

Thumbnail image for Poison Apple versus Android (guerrilla street art)

Is Apple really poison to Android?