Fan_mail: the funnest inbox in Appland

You’re here to be entertained, so let’s get down to it. There are some pretty interesting characters on this wild, green planet of ours. Some of them send Mr_Appy fan_mail.
We serve up the best snippets of it right here (along with Mr_Appy’s entertaining reply). Bon appetit!

Mr_Appy on the cover of Rolling_App magazine
Mr_Appy featured on the cover of Rolling_App magazine

Mr_Appy replies: Hi Georgie Hotz, thanks for the cover! Wow. And you’re right, there’s definitely been a pop culture shift. And that shift has made it crazy-easy for guys like us to hack into fine female panties – instead of just printing, porn and gaming sites. And I don’t know bout you, but I’m more than happy to share the world stage with all them old school iRockers. Geez, just thinking bout it gives my ego a woody – hehe. Anyway, cheers again for the exposure.


Suggestive fan_mail for Mr_Appy
Fan letter sent to Mr_Appy and sealed with a ‘McKiss’

Mr_Appy replies: Dear V_J, I took your envelope to App_labs for testing and it came back positive for “Damn you’s a sexy biarch”. Please send me a photo (of your entire body) and if it also tests positive, then you’re definitely coming on tour with me. For a little french kissing perhaps??? Mmmuah!


An app_cake from Mr_Appy's hugest fan
Mmm hmmm: Mr Appy received this half eaten app_cake from one hungry fan.

Mr_Appy replies: Hi Apprah. I’m sure you’re a very sweet girl (especially after such a cakefest) and I love you like any of my lighter, tighter fans. But if I put on that kinda weight, the only kind of role-model I’ll be fit for is a ‘sausage-role-model’. Cheers for the app_cake and for challenging me to grow. Actually, make that half a cheers (since I only got half a frickin’ app_cake!).