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Thumbnail image for Chatter bots in: “Dinosaur technology”

Some things are never outdated. Like this classic phone trick, for example …

Thumbnail image for Main reason to start using mobile banking

The world is flocking to mobile banking – especially the criminal world. Here’s why…

Thumbnail image for Chatter bots in: “Fresh coat of apps”

Can a fresh coat of apps do anything for old, slow phone technology?

Thumbnail image for Chatter bots in: “Talk to death”

Is this why people don’t have long phone conversations like they used to?

Thumbnail image for Why iPhones get less viruses than Androids – Part 2

Two nasty viruses try to infect the iPhone. But can they? Really?

Thumbnail image for Why Androids get more viruses than iPhones – Part 1

Hellbent viruses think Android smartphones and devices look delicious… for many reasons…

Thumbnail image for What is iPhone jailbreaking? Should I jailbreak my iPhone?

Learn and laugh with the iOutlaw as he gets jailbroken.

Thumbnail image for Can your iPhone get a virus?

Two horny phones are about to teach you… the fun way

Thumbnail image for Mr_Appy featuring in: Unclassified information

Mr_Appy used to work for the president… but now he’s leaving skid-marks all over his reputation.

Thumbnail image for iWars: iPhone iOS versus Android

An iPhone iOS versus Android comparison with hilarious Star Wars themed smartphone characters. Can iLuke defeat Darth Vandroid?

Thumbnail image for Mr Appy’s trip to the Pac_lamic State

An explosively funny parody of smartphones, Pac-man, and Muslim extremists.

Thumbnail image for Mr_Appy featuring in: Taking the Jackpot

Mr_Appy creates an app that delivers a JACKPOT WIN to members of an online pokies site.

Thumbnail image for Mr_Appy featuring in: Appy Get Lucky

Mr_Appy creates loads of hilarious apps, but soon lusts for something more ‘real’…

Thumbnail image for Fan_mail: Rolling_App magazine cover

Mr_Appy featured on the cover of Rolling_App magazine Mr_Appy replies: Hi Georgie Hotz, thanks for the cover! Wow. And you’re right, there’s definitely been a pop culture shift. And that shift has made it crazy-easy […]

Exciting fan_mail for Mr-Appy

Fan letter sent to Mr_Appy and sealed with a ‘McKiss’ Mr_Appy replies: Dear V_J, I took your envelope to App_labs for testing and it came back positive for “Damn you’s a sexy biarch”. Please send […]

Fan_mail from Mr_Appy's hugest fan

Mmm hmmm: Mr Appy received this half eaten app_cake from one hungry fan. Mr_Appy replies: Hi Apprah. I’m sure you’re a very sweet girl (especially after such a cakefest) and I love you like any […]