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Web humor you don’t have to sift through

All you want is a big, daddy sized dose of ROFL or LMFAO. Instead, you’re skipping through endless articles or dumb-ass captions on even lamer-ass pictures. Next. Skip. Nope. Heh-heh. Repeat. That’s how the usual search for free online entertainment goes.

Or you’re forced to chase a series of links to the darkest edges of the internet … in return for a limp, disappointing chuckle.

Or you’re unexpectedly flung off to a struggling porn site riddled with viruses (organic as well as digital).

That’s not fun. And if you think it’s funny … you’re a very special kind of wanker.

Is this the humor you are looking for?

When you do eventually find a piece of humor that lubricates your funny bone you’ll want to enjoy more. Ha. Good one. 95% of decent free humor takes 15 minutes to find … three seconds to read … and will never be repeated. That’s what evolves when millions of hairless apes and a handful of talented people pour content into a bottomless web pool.

Smartphone, app and technology humor … straight from the sources mouth

At mr-appy.com we create and publish our own comics and eBooks. That means you won’t be searching through piles of dry turd just to whet your appetite for laughter. It also means you can continue to enjoy the style and swagger of our smartphone and app characters over and over again as we deliver fresh, new entertainment. But most importantly, it means you can have a whole lotta fun without leaving this site.

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